FACTGRAPHS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that serves other nonprofits and the general public.

What does FACTGRAPHS do?

FACTGRAPHS creates high quality embeddable responsive verifiable data visuals, without commentary.

What about?

Timely and timeless issues of the day / year / millenium / news cycle.

Without commentary?

A factgraph presents the data. You provide the interpretation, when you embed it (in a blog post, a news article, a PhD thesis) to support or refute a given point in an issue. And our partner blog, DBLOGS, is a platform for plenty of factgraphs interpretation.

What is DBLOGS?

DBLOGS is a ‘data blog’. At DBLOGS, a single FACTGRAPHS verifiable data visual can be interpreted by one, two, three or more data interpreters.

What (who) is a data interpreter?

DBLOGS data interpreters come from across the spectrum, from both ends and from the middle, from various angles and vantage points. The ideal interpreter is a person with a vested interest and a bit of experience.

What's the point?

Each brief DBLOGS post discusses a single FACTGRAPHS verifiable data visual. Various interpreters can choose to write about the same FACTGRAPH. In this way, a single FACTGRAPH can be scrutized from several points of view. The idea is to acknowledge one interpretation and then another and another.

Who can use a factgraph?

Any FACTGRAPHS data visual can be embedded or otherwise presented for free by bloggers, educators, independent media (actually all media), nonprofits, researchers, advocates and opponents, and anyone engaged in social discourse, politics, policymaking and spirited debate.

Uhhh ...

FACTGRAPHS can be used by anyone for anything.


It's easier to present the facts with an interactive graph.


It never hurts to have the facts. And maybe it helps.

Can I suggest a future FACTGRAPH?

Please do.

Can FACTGRAPHS create graphics for me/us?

Are you a researcher? Or a nonprofit? Sure.

We're an independent newspaper

We can produce interactive graphs for you.

We're on one side, not the other


We're on the other side


We're neutral

That's great. Factgraphs are too. Facts are facts, for left, right or center.

Can FACTGRAPHS produce stuff for us?


What do we need?

Just some verifiable data: e.g., from research organizations; from published research databases; from databases maintained by governments and non-governmental agencies. Stuff that can be tracked down.

How about our own data?

If it is verifiable.


Yes. All data represented on FACTGRAPHS can be easily traced to its origin; every factgraph includes a link to its data source. Data would have to be traceable, transparent, comfortable in sunlight. Has it undergone formal peer review? Will you post the raw data?

I have an idea

Tell us about it.

Do I have exclusive rights to my graphic?

Everything produced by FACTGRAPHS is posted online and can be used by anyone, with attribution. Actually, the attribution is baked into the graphic.

Can I embed a FACTGRAPHS data visual?

In your web publication? Yes. Click the info icon on any graphic.

Does a FACTGRAPH 'scale'?

Yes. A factgraph is a VECTOR image; it is 'rendered' or drawn' by the browser, and looks sharp on a cell phone screen or fully expanded on a 23-inch monitor.

Any search tips?

Search using the PLURAL form of your search term (e.g., 'dogs' not 'dog', 'chemical weapons', 'refugees'). Then try the singular if that doesn't work. Use the 'tags' page, the 'sources' page, and the maps.

What's so cool about FACTGRAPHS?

Our data visuals are embeddable: you can easily place them in the flow of your web publication. They are responsive: they are vector images that look equally sharp on a smart phone and a 23 inch monitor. They are beautiful. And they are verifiable: the data are traceable to their source.


FACTGRAPHS. The verifiable truth.